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Institute for Protestant Theology and Religious Education

Nijmegen, Niederlande


Radboud University is a Catholic University. It is the result of an emancipation process of Roman Catholics in The Netherlands in the beginning of the last century. Dutch Catholics sought to promote the emancipation of Roman Catholics in the Netherlands, who at that time were strongly underrepresented in public administration, the legal profession, medicine and other sectors.

We warmly welcome all international students who are interested in philosophy, theology or religious studies. We host students from all over the world and each year we offer a great variety of classes and programmes in English.


Religion Studies and Theology program

Acknowledging this background, the Faculty of Theology in Nijmegen practices theology from the perspective of emancipation. The faculty trains theologians to think for themselves, being faithful to the rich heritage of the Christian tradition (biblical exegesis and history of church and theology) and the faith experience (systematic and practical theology) of the worldwide Christian community. Theology at Radboud University teaches students to better understand the fundamentals and pluralism of Christianity.Students study Christianity because it has been an important historical influence in the establishment of European societies, and the meaning of this history remains a relevant question for the ongoing development of society. In a constructive and critical way students are equipped to engage tomorrow’s world, with its cultural and religious diversity.


Requirements and dates

In order to take part in this university you need to have fluency in both written and spoken English. Non-native speakers of English* without a Dutch Bachelor's degree or VWO diploma. Furthermore you need to have a General University Entrance Qualification.  

You have to comply with the prerequisites of all courses in which you enroll. You can only enroll for Master's degree courses if you have completed your Bachelor's degree programme and have been registered for the Master's degree programme.

Registration deadlines

All Bachelor programmes at our university start in the first week of September. In order to be enrolled as a student on time, you must adhere to some deadlines regarding your application and enrolment. You must always register via the online registration system Studielink. This is possible from 10 October.

Anyone interested in applying for a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Dentistry, Human Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Biology or Biomedical Sciences must register before 15 January.

For all other courses, the application deadline is 1 May. Students who submit a full application before this date will receive housing assistance, provided they are admitted and live 350km or further from Nijmegen. Radboud University will consider further applications until 1 July, but assistance in finding accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

You will receive an admission decision approximately 4 weeks after you have submitted your complete application to OSIRIS.

Deadlines for enrollment at the university à If you are admitted (subject to reservation), you must complete your enrolment before a certain date:


All enrollment criteria must be fulfilled before 15 August and your certificates must be submitted to the university in the form of a certified copy. Please note that other deadlines apply for courses with restricted admission!