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Religious Education Laboratory digital (RELab digital)


Lead: Prof. Dr. Ilona Nord

Lead: Soziologische Evaluation: Oliver Adam

Lead Pedagogical evaluation: Judith Petzke

Duration: 2016 bis 2021

In cooperation with: Prof. Dr. Elke Wagner

Student assistant in the conception department: Hannah Friederike Häußler

RELAB Project Conclusion

After more than five years of exploration, the Religious Education Laboratory - the RELab digital project, which delved into the utilization of digital media by Religious Education teachers, has reached its conclusion. This article succinctly encapsulates the didactic outcomes derived from the extensive research process.

The comprehensive analysis encompassed the project's structure, the pedagogical challenges posed by the digital transformation in Religious Education, and a pedagogical reflection on empirical findings obtained through classroom observations and interviews. The fourth chapter zoomed in on aspects related to the professional realm of teachers, exploring the self-concepts embraced by Religious Education teachers and examining how their actions in the classroom contribute to reconstructing these concepts. Additionally, it addressed the critical perceptions of teachers who frequently incorporate digital media in religious education, contemplating how these perceptions can be strategically leveraged for the future.

The conclusion serves as a synthesis, distilling the project's most significant insights and signaling examples of areas that warrant further research. With this article, we not only mark the culmination of an extensive research endeavor but also provide a springboard for continued discussions and investigations into the intersection of religious education and digital media usage in the classroom.

The article showing the results of the project can be found here (

Funding and support

Funded by:


Die Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Bayern (ELKB) und die Evangelische Kirche in Hessen und Nassau (EKHN)

Supported by:

Das Religionspädagogische Zentrum Heilsbronn (RPZ), das Religionspädagogische Institut (RPI) die Evangelische Kirche von Kurhessen-Waldeck, die Gymnasialpädagogische Materialstelle (GPM) sowie das Bayerische Förderprogramm zur Anbahnung internationaler Forschungskooperationen (BayIntAn)